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Question game answers

I’ve been tagged for this question-game by team housemaid, so here are my answerssss

I won’t tag anyone new, because I think everyone I follow is already tagged before ;-)

1. Favorite food?

I think the lasagna my boyfriend makes,… I love pasta and italian food. When I’m on holiday I always miss the Dutch cheese the most

2. Last book you read? 

I’m now reading ‘The Hobbit’ (by J.R.R. Tolkien). The last book i’ve finished is ‘Mr. Darcy’s Diary’ by Amanda Grange. Add me at goodreads!  

3. Most embarrassing moment that you are willing to share?

I really can’t think of anything :P really!

4. Oldest? Middle? Youngest? 

Youngest. I have one older sister

5. How do you feel about Twilight? 

The books, or the film? One of my friends read it out loud for me while we were driving back home from France. I liked it. I’ve only seen the first movie and I liked that one… I especially loved the music in it.

6. Did you go to college?Uni? Which one? 

I don’t know how to compare the Dutch educational system with other countries. I think it’s called Uni if I would try to compare them. I finished two bachelors (you know what I mean?)

7. What did you have for lunch today? 

I just woke up. I think I will have some special bread ( Dutch bread roll) with salad or cheese!

8. Fitness Regimen? 

What? fitness? what’s that? :p I’m not the sporty type,… I ride my bike every day and sometimes try push-ups after taking a shower,… but I suck ;-)

9. How long have you been on tumblr? 

About one year!!! 

10. lucky number?

I always stick with 22!

11. Do you have twitter? I’ll follow you =) 

yes, but I never use it actually, but you can follow (I follow back) 


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